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Schroeder CB

Schroeder CB Tonearms

Schroeder CB Tonearms tonearms

Formerly built under license by Artemis Labs in California, the CB or Captive Bearing tonearms designed by Frank Schroeder are now built soley by Schroeder in Berlin. Unlike the unique magnetic bearing principle for which Schroder holds worldwide patents, the CB series of arms feature hybrid ceramic bearings of unprecedented low friction (2mg vertical, 3.5mg horizontal, the lowest measured friction of any traditional bearing arm.)With internal magnetic damping in the horizontal plane, the CB Tonearm has a calibrated center post to allow repeatable adjustment of VTA, adjustable azimuth and different headshell plates to allow adjustment of effective mass to couple with a wide range of cartridges. The arm wand is made of Ebony, Grenadil or Cocobolo to mate properly with cartridges of different mass and compliance, is highly polished and oil finished by hand.

The CB tonearms require 12 weeks or less lead time for delivery, unlike the Reference series.

Price (CB) - $5000
Price (CB-L) - $5700


Eff. length: 239,3mm Pivot to spindle distance: 222mm
Offset Angle: 23° Eff. mass with supplied cartridge mounting plate:
14gr - (19gr with optional heavy cartridge mounting plate, 12,5gr. with ultralight cmp)
Shaft diameter: 23mm Distance between mounting surface and platter level: ~25-60mm, best:~30-35mm
Ceramic hybrid bearings with unprecedented low friction:<2mg vertically, <3,5mg horizontally

Internal magnetic damping for the horizontal movement

Frictionless, resonance free magnetic antiskating

Cryogenics treated, low loss, high purity copper wiring (single run from cartridge clips to RCAs), 1m from arm to RCAs Armwand made out of Kingwood
Available in black and silver

CB-L (long)

Same as above, but with
Effective length 282mm
Pivot to spindel distance: 267.5mm
Offset angle: 19,35°
Effective mass 17gms with Certal cartridge plate and 22gms with brass

Schroeder CB Tonearms tonearms
Shown here is the new TA-1L (for Long) tonearm, which is 282mm
Schroeder CB Tonearms tonearms
Schroeder CB Tonearms tonearms