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Music is an event not the wallpaper

OMAOMA Oswalds Mill Audio

With an OMA system music is no longer just a soundtrack. It will make you look forward to being home and actually listening to music. Not as the background, but the real event. Only OMA’s unique technology brings you music this way.

Our products and design look different because they ARE different, in ways that you hear and not just see. Schedule a demo at one of our showrooms or call us to help you put music back in your life, the right way


Museum Speaker

Created for the Guggenheim Museum of Art & Featured in the show Anthem

MiniMini polished aluminum horns with black lacquer

Mini, polished aluminum horns with black lacquer

AC1Anniversary AC1 loudspeaker

Anniversary AC1. the loudspeaker that started it all, in Pennsylvania walnut, copper stands and cast bronze horn throats.


Special KSpecial K Triode Tube Amplifier

Special K Triode Tube Amplifier

Black knightlimited Anniversary Edition of our BK807 amp

The new limited Anniversary Edition of our BK807 amp, using super rare tubes with brushed copper metalwork.





Equipment RACKOMA Oswalds Mill Audio Equptment rack

New modular audio furniture system, with cast iron stands and slate shelves.