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Analysis Plus Cables

Analysis Plus Cables

Silver Oval - In Interconnect

Audio cable is the most problematic area in hifi today. More snake oil, no scientific evidence, and prices divorced from any reality.

Furthermore, many people know that high efficiency speakers paired with low powered amplifiers don't need fire hosed size cables to sound their best. Just what cable to use with high efficiency speakers has been a guessing game.

I came upon Analysis Plus by chance. A professional jazz musician casually suggested their products, because that is what he and all of his colleagues use. When I looked at the Analysis Plus website, I found testimonials from famous musicians, studios, and the like, and not an attempt to convince the high end audio crowd. Furthermore, when I saw that other clients were NASA, Boeing, Stryker Medical, and other industrial clients who had nothing to do with audio, I became very interested. This is a company created by scientists and engineers who can explain very well why their product is superior. Read the White Paper here.

When I tried Analysis Plus cables with OMA equipment, I instantly heard what our musician clients were telling me. Analysis Plus copper cables are easily the best sounding and best value cables on the market today. I never thought I would be enthusiastic about a cable manufacturer until I found Analysis Plus.

I too had this prejudice. In conversation with one of the principals of Analysis Plus, Mark Markel, he casually mentioned that their Big Silver Oval did not sound like what I expected at all. And that it was the only speaker cable that met the specs NASA had for cable to run information to one of its laser systems. NASA is in fact one of the biggest customers for this cable. When I received my demo pair, I can honestly say that I have never made up my mind about a component as quickly as with the Big Silver Ovals. This is the best cable I have ever heard.

Big Silver Oval (detail)
Big Silver Oval with Copper Oval 9 (detail)
Big Silver Oval with Copper Oval 9
Solo Crystal Oval interconnects
Analysis Plus Cables