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Noriyuki Miyajima has been making cartridges for nearly three decades, but has only been discovered by American audiophiles in the last few years. His cartridges are nothing short of a profound revelation, a re-engineering of the moving coil concept with an emphasis on the kind of musicality phono cartridges used to have before our present crop of overly technical, analytic and usually sterile sounding designs. The Miyajima cartridges are heavy, low compliance designs that are not suitable for light weight tonearms- in this sense they hark back to the great vintage designs of the beginning of the moving coil period (such as the original Ortofon SPU and Neumann DST.) Miyajima rethought the construction of the moving coil generator, optimizing its parameters through the use of a "cross coil" construction, wound on a non magnetic former, and with an innovative damper system. The Miyajima's are unlike any other moving coil cartridge design, and you can hear this immediately- super dynamic, full, authoritative and musical. Price list

Premium Mono Shilabe Kansui Zero Takumi madake


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