OMA has made custom slate plinths for a variety of turntables, including belt drives. Tables like the Platine Verdier and Teres are obvious candidates for slate and although we don't think slate plinths are right for every turntable (such as suspended designs) for many a slate plinth will greatly improve performance. Please contact us to find out more about designs and pricing.


Teres 300 series turntable with Kuzma air bearing tonearm in a massive slate plinth designed by our client, with a little help from OMA. Stillpoints are attached to threaded inserts in the slate footers.

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Platine Verdier

Customized with OMA slate plinth and dual slate arm towers and armboard. Slate footers replace the stock suspension feet. Can be configured for one arm or three or four arms.

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Custom OMA slate plinth for a Presto Pirouette idler and two Gray Transcription tonearms.

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Fairchild 750 broadcast turntable with 26 pound damped platter in a custom OMA slate plinth. An extremely rare belt drive work of mechanical art.

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