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OMA slate turntable plinths have no equal in the world today.

The resurgence of interest in vinyl has been accompanied by the rediscovery of several generations of classic idler wheel and direct drive turntables. For those considering restoring or returning such decks to operation, a key consideration is the type of plinth or base in which to house the turntable.

The plinth is not merely a cosmetic decision or afterthought, and will either elevate or degrade the sound of an otherwise world class turntable. The reason is simple- the idler drive or direct drive tables like the Technics SP10 have their powerful motors and linkages onboard the chassis, unlike top belt drive designs. Any vibrations or resonance produced must be damped or drained from the system, or it will interfere with the reproduction of music.

Wood and various wood products are excellent materials to construct such a plinth, but slate is far better. To achieve the damping characteristics of slate, a very dense and non cryptocrystalline rock type with a foliated or lamellar structure (think of plywood but thousands of times more dense and layered) a similar wooden plinth would have to be enormous in size, which of course is not feasible.

OMA uses a soft Pennsylvania slate which has ideal characteristics for use in turntable plinths. It allows the chosen turntable to perform at its optimum, giving a natural presentation, neither overdamped nor prone to unwanted resonance and vibration. The slate we use typically lasts one century as a roof material, so we expect it to last even longer inside your own home.

The plinths shown are examples of our work, which is all custom made. We can create a plinth in virtually any size, for any arm or turntable, including belt drive decks like the Verdier and Teres. Design elements include armboards which are interchangeable, and require only seconds to remove, and which couple to the full mass of the plinth.

OMA produces custom plinths for the Garrard 301, 401 and even the 501 in a variety of sizes and styles. From single layer plinths to massive double layer, 4 inch thick models with a unique circular armboard design, OMA slate plinths for the Garrards can be made to mount any tonearm, and to allow arms to be changed in seconds. The great mass and damping characteristics of slate are especially useful in rendering the vintage Garrard idler drive turntables as quiet and detailed as they can possibly be, offering a noise floor not possible with any other plinth material.