Miyajima Zero

Miyajima Zero cartridges

The Miyajima Zero is the top of the Mono line of Miyajima cartridges, and may well change your listening habits forever. Employing the same suspension system as the top of the line stereo Kansui cartridge, the Zero has many users and reviewers declaring it the best sounding cartridge ever, stereo or mono. Listening sessions with mono become a revelation, making one question the supposed superiority of stereo sound reproduction. Given the plethora of incredible classical and jazz mono lp's (even the best Beatles and Stones are all mono), and their current market value (low), the Zero opens an entirely new world to discover great music. All mono recordings were released during the "golden age" of vinyl, the post war period when virtually all recording was done with tube gear and the best miss, purely analog, with legendary artists and recording engineers like Kenneth Wilkinson of Decca, Robert and Wilma Cozart Fine of Mercury, George Piros, and many others. To hear these mono LPs with the Zero may have you leaving stereo records on the shelf for a long time.

Price - $1995