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OMA slate plinths and the Technics SP10 direct drive turntable make a perfect combination. The original Technics base for the SP10 was made from a composite using naturally occurring volcanic glass, known geologically as Obsidian, mixed with a resin. It was a fairly massive plinth, as Technics understood that the great torque provided by the SP10's powerful motor needed to be counterposed by a heavy base. Mitch Cotter also understood this, in his B1 turntable which initially used the SP10 motor unit suspended in an extremely heavy sandwich of different materials. Having owned and used on a daily basis the SP10 in the original Obsidian base for years before producing slate plinths, I immediately understood what slate can do when I heard the SP10 for the first time in a heavy slate plinth. For a deck with almost ridiculously low numbers for rumble, wow, flutter, etc, one might think that a plinth would not make much of a difference. But in fact an OMA 100 pound plus slate plinth will definitely convince anyone listening that the SP10 can be improved upon, and significantly so. While the deck is already silent in operation, the background in silent passages of music becomes utterly black and vast, and the music finds a coherency that will be heard immediately.

Our new OMA SP10 Turntable System can be seen > here.

One and two layer SP10 plinths can be ordered, with round armboards on the two layer models, or rectangular armboards on the single layer models. As with our other plinths, armboards are custom cut and fabricated for the tonearm of your choice.

Please contact us for more details and pricing.