Equipment Racks

Equipment Racks

Equipment Racks

OMA slate audio equipment racks came into being because we saw a very simple need going unsatisfied- a beautiful place to put your audio components that makes them sound their best.

Many companies would like you to believe that only by using technology associated with the Stealth Bomber, nuclear submarines, NASA, nanotechnology, can one make an effective equipment rack system for audio use.

We disagree.

For the same reason that our slate turntable plinths elevate the sound of the deck that goes in them, our racks provide an ideal platform for your audio equipment.

Perhaps even more important, as a piece of furniture, our rack design will never require an apology. Constructed from solid Pennsylvania walnut and solid slate, this is furniture that is not limited in its usage, even if it was conceived for audio. All finishes are entirely natural. Construction is by hand, as is the finishing.

Every unit is custom built. We invite your inquiries. Shown below are various options for the finishing elements.