Mini loudspeakers


The OMA Mini is a genre bending speaker system.

Never before has there been a compact, two way horn based speaker with the performance of speakers much larger and more costly. The OMA Mini entirely belies its very small size: 14" x 14" x 57".

Our design goal at OMA was to achieve a similar performance and sonic signature as our larger speakers, in a diminutive package. The Mini was the result. The Mini is a very high efficiency speaker, at approx. 95db/1w/1m, and is 8ohm. This means you can use just about any amplifier with the Mini, from very low powered single ended triode amps (SETs) to high powered solid state amps, as the Minis uses professional drivers, not HiFi drivers, which distort at lower levels. These types of professional drivers offer far greater performance, and bullet proof reliability.They do not extend to the first octave, as hifi drivers do, and so you will not get deep bass extension and output to 20hz from the Mini. This is the trade off the hifi industry has made: exchanging accurate mid bass reproduction and high efficiency for low bass from a tiny woofer.

The Mini uses our proprietary conical horn, designed for the neodymium compression driver selected to achieve optimal performance, and cast in aluminum by a foundry in Pennsylvania.

The woofer enclosure is either bamboo ply, or Pennsylvania hardwood. Baltic birch is available on request, for those desiring visible plywood edges.

The Mini uses a front porting design that mitigates room placement issues found with similar speakers (which port from the bottom or rear). This porting results in superb musical and overall response integrity. The Mini, like all OMA loudspeakers, is constructed by hand in Pennsylvania.

The Mini stands are constructed from solid .25 inch carbon or polished stainless steel, with the carbon steel powder coated in a variety of finishes, including black wrinkle, white semi gloss, and aluminum anodized, as are the horns. You can mix and match stands and enclosures to your preference. The enclosures are available in a range of lacquered and painted finishes with natural, white, and black being standard. Custom color, wood type and finish are available on request.

Industrial design by David D'Imperio

Height 57"
Width 14"
Depth 17" (base footprint)


For those who demand more bass than any small speaker can deliver, OMA introduces the Mini Sub.

Conventional subwoofers are engineered for very low bass, extending to 15-20hz. The OMA Mini Sub is something different: more a mid- bass reinforcement than a subwoofer. A typical sub uses very long throw drivers, designed to move small, heavy diaphragms an enormous distance in an undersized box. Such designs are notoriously difficult, if not impossible, to integrate with high efficiency loudspeakers. Our speakers have light cones with large magnetic structures or diaphragms on horns, and excellent transient response and dynamics. By the time a conventional subwoofer has responded to a musical signal like a drum strike, loudspeakers like the Minis are already onto the next note, while the subwoofer cone is still seeking equilibrium. People who use high efficiency loudspeakers usually prefer no sub at all.

Our Mini loudspeaker has excellent bass response to 60hz, because we chose high efficiency over low frequency extension. Clients familiar with the incredibly efficient bass channel in the Imperia system asked us if we could create a similar, high efficiency bass speaker for the Mini. Rather than opting for a 10" or 12" woofer like almost all other subs, we decided to use an extremely high efficiency (100db/1w/1m) woofer of much larger size (15" diameter.) This type of woofer moves more air with less excursion. Instead of trying to reproduce 20hz flat, we gave up the first octave choosing instead to reproduce mid bass and upper bass in the most accurate way possible. Pairing this extremely high efficiency woofer with a proprietary 500 watt amplifier with parametric eq, the Mini Sub integrates with the Mini seamlessly in any room, allowing the user to dial in parameters such as level, slope, crossover points, notch filters, and phase.

The result is not room thumping bass. A cello sounds like a cello. And there is an almost magical transformation of the Mini Loudspeaker into a much larger sounding system. With the addition of the OMA Mini Sub, the Mini rival speakers twice their size in output and authority . Because the the Mini Sub is a sealed box design, it is also very forgiving in terms of 'room placement'.