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OMA Graphite Mat

OMA Graphite Mat

OMA Graphite Mat vinyl

We began manufacturing our own pure graphite (carbon) mats for the simple reason that no other mat was correct for the turntables which we manufacture or modify. Furthermore, we felt that a heavy mat made of the highest grade graphite would be superior to any other product. We currently offer two mats. They are both made from the same grade of graphite, and both are .235" in thickness (6mm)-

Technics SP10 Graphite Mat

Is exactly the same dimensions as the original SP10 rubber mat- 11.54" in diameter. This means the OMA mat will fit perfectly in the SP10's recessed platter.

Lenco Graphite Mat

The Lenco mat is 11.7" diameter, and makes a perfect mat for the Garrard 301, 401 and Thorens TD124, as well as many other classic tables, as well.

Both OMA graphite mats are $340 which includes shipping in the continental United States.