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Headshell oma-graphite

OMA's graphite headshell may be the first of its kind. Other companies have made headshells out of exotic carbon fiber and graphite compounds. These are composed of graphite particles or carbon fibers, in a matrix of resins. No other company has carved a headshell out of true crystalline graphite, the hardest and most durable form of graphite, which is composed of a lattice of graphite crystals. We developed the OMA graphite headshell using the same type of graphite from which our turntable mat is made, only an even harder, higher density grade (the best obtainable.) The headshell is a single piece of graphite, with no joints to create boundary reflections. Graphite is unparalleled at damping resonances and vibrations, allowing the cartridge to track the groove with minimal interference. OFC leads are included, along with a variety of mounting hardware. Azimuth is fully adjustable via a set screw easily accessed from the top of the headshell. Weight (with cartridge leads but without screws) 12.65 grams, ideal for low and medium compliance cartridges (Miyajima, EMT, etc) and arms like Ortofon, EMT, SME, Schick and many vintage arms. This is the finest removable headshell available anywhere at any price

Price - $675

oma graphite
OMA Graphite Mat